i hate the fact that if you tell someone you like justin bieber they automatically assume you’re dumb and with zero taste in music

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Afraid-Chapter 27

Selena’s POV

I sighed. A month without Justin, ignored all of his texts and the only thing I can think about is him. I still love him and something in me tells me I’m going to love him for a really long time.

From Justin<3 (Tuesday, March 18)

you meant the world to me, you still do. its going to take a lot to just let you go, whoever you end up with, I hope he treats you better than I did.

From: Justin<3 (Thursday, March 20)

you’re probably gonna ignore me like you have been for the past 2 days but I miss you and Im sorry.

Today, April 9th, I got a phone call from Ryan. I picked up.


"hey Selena, um its me Ryan. Justin’s best friend"

"um yeah, hey" I gulped

"how’ve you been? i heard about you and Justin"

"I’ve been good, thanks"

"so um, Justin wants to drop school. he’s back in LA. he had his car shipped here and flew out" he spoke out

my eyes widen “why?”

"hes a mess without you, thats why"

"its not easy for me either" I mumbled

"exactly, why don’t you guys talk it out?" he suggested

"because theres nothing to talk about, I can’t sit there listening to him break my heart"

"if you change your mind, call me."

that line stayed in my head “if you change your mind, call me”. I really wish things had turned out differently for us after high school. where he would come to the university as me, we’d be happy and possibly stay with me for the 4 years I’m going to spend at university. I know how much Justin really wanted to change his life around. I could even see how much he’s trying. It breaks my heart how he gave up after a heartbreak.

"what are ya thinking about silly?" Hannah spoke out

"hm? nothing" I lied

"you sure?" 

I nodded. 

"Ill be right back" i said grabbing my phone

I left our dorm and sat in our student lounge, I called Ryan


"hey..um, It didn’t take me long to think about what you said, to be honest" 

"really? so whats the plan?" he asked

"I wanna come see him."

"you do?" he asked as if he was in shock

"yeah, Im gonna fly out tomorrow, come pick me up?"

"of course I will!"

"but don’t tell him anything." i warned

"i won’t, no worries" 

"okay, ill see you tomorrow then, ill text you for details, I’m probably gonna be there around 3am"

"don’t worry, ill be there"

"okay, ill see you soon, bye" with that I hung up.

i can’t believe I’m flying out to see the guy who broke my heart into millions of little pieces. He made a point to me when we broke up.

"Just remember, I gave you another chance."

I sighed, walking back to my dorm, packing a few things.

"where ya going?!" Hannah gasped

"I’m going back to L.A for a week."

"what why? is it cause of Justin?" she looked at me

"yeah, it is" 


"I love him, Hannah."

"okay, I’m gonna miss you" she opened her arms wide open.

"im gonna miss you too" i giggled

"alright, I gotta go, I’m gonna miss my flight, bye!!" I rushed out of my room

I drove down to the airport, leaving my car there for the week. I checked in and waited for my flight to departure.

"flight 02554 will be departing in 10 minutes. please have your tickets and passport ready"

I got up and waited in line.